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NEW RINSEKIT LUX Soft Tote – 3 gallon capacity

50% more capacity, soft tote design, removable water tank, doubles as a cooler, this list goes on!

RinseKit LUX

The new 3 gallon RinseKit Lux soft tote with removable tank – doubles as a cooler.

RinseKit LUX – Field Fill Kit

Save $30
The new 3 gallon Lux soft tote and Field Fill Kit will allow you to rinse off just about anywhere.

RinseKit Lux – Heater

The new 3 gallon Lux soft tote and Hot Rod Water Heater – now you can take a longer, hotter shower than ever before.

RinseKit LUX Adventure Bundle

Save $40
Go just about anywhere and have the luxury of taking a warm shower or enough pressurized water to clean off all your gear.

NEW RINSEKIT PLUS – We made original RinseKit even better.

How did we improve upon the original revolutionary RinseKit? Meet the PLUS!

RinseKit PLUS

The original RinseKit just got better – longer spray time, more storage and dual-port design for accessories… check it out.

RinseKit PLUS – Field Fill Kit

Save $30
RinseKit’s new PLUS and Field Fill Kit are the perfect combo for the outdoor adventurer.

RinseKit PLUS – Heater

RinseKit’s new 2 gallon PLUS paired with the Hot Rod Water Heater – talk about versatility! Hot water when and where you need it.

RinseKit PLUS Adventure Kit

Save $40
Everything you need for your outdoor adventure.

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