20% Discount – Contractor Special

Use RKC20 at checkout to get your 20% discount!

NEW RINSEKIT LUX Soft Tote – 3 gallon capacity

50% more capacity, soft tote design, removable water tank, doubles as a cooler, this list goes on!

RinseKit LUX Soft Tote

The new 3 gallon RinseKit Lux soft tote with removable tank – doubles as a cooler.

RinseKit LUX – Heater Bundle

The new 3 gallon Lux soft tote and Hot Rod Water Heater – now you can take a longer, hotter shower than ever before.

RinseKit LUX Adventure Bundle

Go just about anywhere and have the luxury of taking a warm shower or enough pressurized water to clean off all your gear.

20% Discount – Contractor Special

Use RKC20 at checkout to get your 20% discount!

NEW RINSEKIT PLUS – We made original RinseKit even better.

How did we improve upon the original revolutionary RinseKit? Meet the PLUS with longer spray time and more storage.

RinseKit PLUS

The original RinseKit just got better – longer spray time, more storage and dual-port design for accessories… check it out.

RinseKit PLUS – Heater Bundle

RinseKit’s new 2 gallon PLUS paired with the Hot Rod Water Heater – talk about versatility! Hot water when and where you need it.

RinseKit PLUS Adventure Bundle

Everything you need for your outdoor adventure.

NEW RINSEKIT Accessories – get the most out of your RinseKit.

Now you can have a heated shower and re-fill/re-pressurize almost anywhere.

Hot Rod Water Heater

RINSEKIT’s new heater quickly and safely heats the water in a RinseKit to a comfortable shower temperature.

Pressure Booster Pump

RINSEKIT’s new Pressure Booster Pump allows users to pressurize their RinseKit without access to a hose bib or sink.

Hot Water Sink Adapter

Hose Bib Adapter

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