RinseKit – your new fishing buddy!

RinseKit provides the most convenient way to clean up your fishing gear when you don’t have immediate access to running water.

It provides a high pressure spray for over 3 minutes and doesn’t require pumping or batteries. It simply fills from your hose spigot or faucet and remains pressurized in your car, truck or boat for up to a month.

It can be filled with warm water from your sink using the Hot Water Sink Adapter and can be pressurized in the field an unlimited number of times using the Field Fill Kit. For a hot shower, the new Hot Rod Heater Accessory plugs into a car accessory socket (cigarette lighter) and quickly and safely heats RinseKit’s 2 gallons of water.

When it comes to protecting your gear from the elements, RinseKit® comes to the rescue by removing mud, sand and invasive species from tackle, boots, waders and boats.

RinseKit won the prestigious ICAST fishing show award for the best fishing accessory.