RinseKit has so many uses!

“….we’re selling them to moms, dog owners, campers, tradesmen and
do it yourselfers.”
Dan / Ace Hardware / Encinitas, CA

ACE Hardware Starter Pack

RinseKit is currently being sold in 14 ACE Hardware stores, with great success!

$330.00 $252.00

The ACE Starter Pack includes six (6) black RinseKits, a free Shelf Tower Display, a free Snakecharmer Display and FOB Freight Collect.

Keystone margin; Wholesale cost is $50 and retail price is $99.95. Special holiday pricing is a wholesale cost of $42 and retail price of $79.95

Total spend on this starter pack for holiday is $252 (regularly $330) which yields $600 at retail. You keep the two displays for future inventory!

You can buy the Ace Starter Pack on this page or if you have questions, please call 1-800-613-5764 or email info@RinseKit.com

We look forward to working with you! Take a look at the video below for how RinseKit works!