Don’t be salty…

Fast, efficient and way better than a bucket, RinseKit® rinses off your stuff with a perfectly pressurized spray. Forget the old detergent bottle filled with water routine, this portable shower’s time saving power gets the salt water off your board, body and wetsuit!

RinseKit gives you a 3-minute pressurized shower without pumping or batteries. Simply fill RinseKit’s 2-gallon chamber from your own faucet, and the spigot’s exact water pressure stays contained for up to a month.

For a hot shower, the new Hot Rod Heater Accessory plugs into a car accessory socket (cigarette lighter) and quickly and safely heats the RinseKit’s 2 gallons of water.

Our founder, Chris Crawford, invented the RinseKit and surfs five days a week. He needed something to clean up after surfing and after building several prototypes, figured out the magic that you can now take with you.